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GTA San Andreas 1.07

GTA San Andreas 1.07 Download


The hood in your hand


There are some videogames that may never become old-fashioned no matter how much time passes, and GTA San Andreas is one of those titles. This mobile version of the action sandbox title introduces Carl Johnson, known as CJ, back to Los Santos after a 5 year absence, following the murder of his mother. Developed by Rockstar Games, this release of the GTA series for mobile systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone features some customization options never before seen in the saga, as well as the classic elements expected of this genre such as freedom and action.

The storyline takes CJ back once again to his neighborhood where his family has fallen apart after his mother’s death. Some things have changed since he left. His childhood friends have to face a new threat and need all the help they can get to take back the power to the Grove Street Families. The environments have been designed with the real Los Angeles in mind, set back in the early 90’s, which you can certainly tell just by listening to the main theme song influenced by the rap music of the day. The adaptation of the original title for mobile devices is simply magnificent, and brings back old features, now enhanced.

The adaptation of the original title for mobile devices is simply magnificent, and brings back old features, now enhanced

The technical section for this version has been remastered, offering a nice HD aspect for these mobile phone devices. The controls have been adapted to touchscreens, with visual icons that represents the actions CJ can perform, such as break and accelerate vehicles. There are three different schemes available to check which the one that suits you the most. For those players that are used to actual gamepad controls, this version may take some time to get comfortable, but just the possibility of playing this title on a mobile device worth it, and it is also compatible with wireless gamepads.

Prepare for different missions with your colleagues
Prepare for different missions with your colleagues

Rule the hood with your gang

The game port to this App has kept the options that made GTA San Andreas one of the must-have games for 128-bits systems. The gameplay keeps the essence of the open-world that fascinated the industry years ago. You can customize your character in many ways, physically making CJ to work out at the gym or buying different kinds of clothes.

Music is one of the main parts of this GTA installment, including classics of 90s Los Angeles such as MWA, Eric B & Rakim and BoyzIIMen. These tracks can be heard when you get in a car through the different available radio stations that you can select. As an exclusive part for this edition you will find the possibility of saving your save game files to your own Rockstar Social Club account.

Fight for your territory
Fight for your territory

GTA San Andreas 1.07 Features

Here are listed the main features for GTA San Andreas for mobile devices:

  • Remastered graphical aspect with HD resolution and new textures that increase the image quality
  • Adapted control for touchscreens with three different control schemes with contextual visual buttons for any kind of action
  • Support for external gamepad devices such as MoGa or other wireless Bluetooth or USB controllers without the download of drivers
  • Play in the free open-world of San Andreas divided into several areas such as Las Venturas, Los Santos and San Fierro
  • Exclusive features such as the cloud saving method for your personal gameplay

In case you want to learn more about this App, check its developer’s website.

Keep your friends close
Keep your friends close

System Requirements

Check the specifications of GTA San Andreas app for mobile devices:

  • Operating System: iOS 6.0, Windows Phone 8, Android 3.0 or later
  • Free Space: Depends on the OS (1.63GB for iOS, 2.4GB for Android and 2.5GB for Windows Phone)



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